DILA GOKALP ARCHITECTS – DGA; functions as an ‘design atelier’. DGA Atelier focuses multi-scale designs from Furniture Design to Interior Design, Landscape design to Architecture. DGA Atelier proceeds the multi disciplined design projects with a highly qualified design team specialised mainly on ‘curiosity’.

DGA Atelier, tackles design tasks from architectural point of view. The main concept of the atelier is “Scale” from the material to volume. In the pursuit of designing and researching of architecture by all means, atelier undertakes specific sub-projects:

Questions the urban and architectural concepts and problematics via DGA Lab

Publishes and promotes local design of Turkey via digital magazine of MANO MAG

Manufactures furnitures with experiments of materials via SOFA STNBL


**As DGA, we work different scales of any design task. We handle it with care and passion for design with our specialized team.

interior design //  architectural design //  urban design //  furniture design //  art consultancy and installation